Long Leaf Land Owners

Pine Plantation Owners

Ask about our aggressive land owner lease pricing

Alachua Straw Company is actively leasing long leaf pine plantations from long leaf land owners. The care we provide your plantation improves not only the health of the trees, but the quality of the straw that is produce and even improves the visual aesthetics of your pine plantation. We are extremely aggressive with our lease pricing. Agreements are usually between 7 – 10 years with contracts being paid by the acre. We also provide mowing, spraying, cleaning, caring for damaged trees and even fertilization if you are interested.

Alachua Straw Company will lease your pine plantations to prep and maintain until harvest. Let us help you maintain your tract of land, spray for stubborn weed’s and pests that would prevent your pines from reaching their fullest potential and cut out any other trees or shrubs that might try to find root in your plantation. Alachua Straw Company provides top quality service with a skilled and knowledgeable work force guaranteeing that your pine tree plantation will be beautiful until ready to cut.

If your pines are currently in the CRP program, that is not a problem. We only maintain the pines throughout your contract so that your pine plantation is ready for harvesting once the CRP ends.  Absolutely NO baling permits until after the program is complete.

Make more money from your pine timber tracts with Alachua Straw Company! Our aggressive lease program provides you with ongoing care of your pine timber and additional revenue from your pines.

Who knew you could make money from your trees while they mature for timber?