Wholesale Pine Straw

Wholesale Pine Straw

Alachua Straw Company is one of the largest long leaf pine straw distributors in the southeast, with over 6,000 acres of long leaf pine plantations currently under management. Long leaf straw is for those customers that want the absolute best pine straw in their landscaping.

The qualities that make long leaf straw the absolute best are an extra protective coating that allows it to last longer and keep its deep rich color longer than other types of straw. We are one of the very few distributors that ships premium long leaf straw year round throughout the United States.

Advantages of Wholesale Pine Straw

Some advantages of wholesale pine straw are that it comes directly from us, the pine straw producer. Each bale is harvested by hand raking, hand cleaning, and highly compressed with long leaf pine straw; while tied with string. Each square bale is approximately 13” x 14” x 28” and weighing on average 14-16lbs and covers on average 60 sq feet, 3-4 inches thick.

You can rest assured that each bale of pine straw is carefully packaged with the consumer in mind and with a 100% guarantee.

Other Advantages

    • We provide quality control
    • Is superior quality pine mulch
    • Will protect plants from temperature fluctuation
    • Improves soil fertility
    • Is good for the environment
    • Is a lightweight pine mulch
    • Is a natural auburn color

Buy Pine Straw Wholesale In Bulk:

  • 48′ trailers average 1,323 pine straw bales. Get a Pine Straw Quote!
  • Extra-large 53’’ trailers hold an average 1,449 pine straw bales. Get a Pine Straw Quote!
  • All trailers are tagged and row-numbered for easy inventory and quality control.
  • We use our own well-maintained, dry, closed-door storage containers.
  • Trailers dropped for dry storage at no extra cost (depending on volume)
  • Multiple trailers at one location – no problem!

For the very best pricing on long leaf pine straw, get a QUOTE or call Alachua Straw Company today.