About Alachua Straw Company & Our Services

Alachua Straw Company is a wholesale producer and vendor of quality long leaf pine straw.  We have over 26 years’ experience, which helps us understand your needs and wants in ordering quality pine straw. We take pride in our customer service and prompt delivery.  This is especially important to our customer’s during the spring season when pine straw is at peak demand for gardening and landscaping.  Since we only provide long leaf pine straw, we are able to focus on our quality and delivery. Using pine straw as a beautiful and natural alternative to traditional mulch is becoming more popular by home owners, landscape professionals, and businesses around the United States.  We provide prompt delivery to most states; however individual state agriculture regulations might prevent us from delivering pine straw to all states.  Currently we deliver to FL, GA, SC, NC, AL, MS, LA, TX, and TN consistently.  We are looking to expand that area for anyone who is in need of beautiful, clean and quality long leaf pine straw.

Customer Service

  • Over 26 years’ experience
  • Orders taken 24/7
  • Delivery within 24-48 hours of order


  • Over 6,000 acres of leased Long Leaf Pine Plantations in North Florida and South Alabama
  • Producing over 2.5 million bales of pine straw per year

Delivery and Freight Services:

  • 6 road tractors
  • Over 150 van trailers
  • Covered Landscape Wagons delivered within a 75 mile radius from Hartford, AL
  • Delivering pine straw and providing back haul services