Landscape Wagon Division

Our landscape wagon division offers you the same quality of long leaf pine straw, with a smaller quantity.  Our special made wagons offer you flexible options for moving the long leaf straw in tighter areas.  These covered wagons also offer a place for short storage due to weather.  With a unique tongue locking system to its LED lights, these wagons make it easier for “on-the-go” landscapers who need a smaller quantity of straw.  Alachua Straw Company has 2 different size wagons to help with your daily landscaping needs.  Which one will fit your landscaping needs?

16’ x 12’ size, 8’ sides, 2 axles, covered top, brakes; holds 336 bales
82 x 24 size, 9’ sides, 5200 axles, covered top, brakes; holds 567 bales
*****Limited to a 75 mile radius from Hartford, AL for delivery*****

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Other options (in Bale Count):

  • 336 bale wagon
  • 567 bale wagon
  • 1197 bale Trailer
  • 1323 bale Trailer
  • 1449 bale Trailer