Pine Straw Delivery

Pine Straw Delivery

We have a fleet of trucks ready for your delivery within 24 hours for the Southeast United States. This includes semi-tractor trailers and heavy duty trucks for wagons (within a 75 mile radius). Alachua Straw Company can deliver by the semi-load or wagon load.

We offer:

  1. Live unload per your request, allowing up to 3 hours for unloading. (Additional drop fees may apply if in complex.) 1449 bales to one 53’ trailer & 1323 bales to one 48’ trailer
  2. Drop trailers, depending upon volume, at your location throughout the US. Our courteous drivers can place these trailers where it is convenient for you and your customers.
  3. Smaller wagons for residential and commercial landscaping needs, pine straw delivery within 75 mile radius. 294-567 bale orders. These trailers come with combo locks, and are covered to protect the straw.

Other Option:

If you can’t wait on delivery, or you are close by; call us! We can live load your own personal trailer or wagon with quality long leaf pine straw. We can load a 53’ semi-trailer within 1.5-2 hours. A smaller wagon of approximately 300 bales is loaded within 20 minutes. We can have you loaded and on your way with beautiful long needle pine straw very quickly.

Just call us to set up an appointment or to order your delivered load today!

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