Backhauling or Freight Hauling

At Alachua Straw Company, we understand how beneficial backhauling can be as an alternative for a small business on a responsible budget.

Backhaul (bak-hawl) – The return trip of vehicle, as a truck, transporting cargo or freight, especially when carrying good back over all or part of the same route.

Alachua Straw Company has dependable freight trucking services to all of the Southeast United States. We are adding more states as needed. Since we are a small company, so we can focus on getting your freight, transport and hauling services where they need to be; and on-time! Alachua Straw Company’s freight dispatch representatives are waiting on your call. We pride ourselves with excellent customer service, on-time deliveries, affordable rates, and customized delivery service! Call us at (352) 870-2456.

We deliver to the southeastern United States daily and are able to take your freight haul back to the panhandle of Florida as well as lower Alabama daily.

  • Backhauls wanted to Dothan, Enterprise, and surrounding areas.
  • Backhauls wanted to the West of Tallahassee within the panhandle of Florida.
  • Freight return routes from Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana to lower Alabama and Florida panhandle wanted daily.

Our Fleet Consists of:

  • 8 Road Tractors
  • Dispatch orders taken from 7am – 7pm Monday – Saturday Eastern Standard Time
  • We own our own fleet of trucks and trailers
  • Freight and back haul services to and from the Southeast US, and taking on more!
  • Our drivers work directly for us, with a clean driving record/history, and more than 2 years’ experience.

Our Equipment Includes:

  • 2 Step deck trailers
  • Over 200 van trailers
  • Small 28’ sealed, dry, lockable containers available.
  • Medium 45’ sealed, dry, lockable containers available.
  • Large 48′ sealed, dry, lockable containers available.
  • Extra-large 53′ sealed, dry, lockable containers available.
  • All storage containers are made of heavy-gauge steel and ASC certified annually.
  • All are also available for rent or purchase.

For more information about our trucking and transport services give us a call at (352) 870-2456.